HOG Rules

(ONLY 2 ½ Rules)

H.O.T. (Harley Officers Training), held earlier this year in Buffalo (2017), reminded everyone:

“Why do people join H.O.G.©…TO RIDE and HAVE FUN!

Chapter meetings can be barriers to some people. So, there are Chapters across the world returning to the roots, breaking down these barriers, by planning rides, inviting prospective members to join in a Chapter ride instead of a meeting, and creating fun Chapter events for everyone to enjoy. Results…increasing memberships! HOG9998 will be working to adopt this approach and will begin the planning process for the 2018 riding year – we need your input and participation to make this happen!
Reminder that H.O.G.© has ONLY 2 ½ Rules:

  1. There is to be no drinking of alcohol before or during a ride.
  2. Everyone on the ride must sign a release form either as a non-member or as a guest, and even a member IF he/she has “not signed their membership form”.
  3. (Actually: ½)
    If there is an incident, report it to your Regional Director promptly.

Note: Without compliance with the above first 2 rules and there is an incident, you may find yourself without the protection of H.O.G.© Liability Insurance and be forced to defend yourself in a court of law.

It is imperative that your membership application and waiver is complete and signed for the protection of H.O.G. Insurance to be deemed valid.

*The above based on an article from the ON Regional Director’s Newsletter – July 01, 2017

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